Duncan Hines Perfect Size for 1

IMG_1486-2I was lucky enough to sample the Duncan Hines perfect size for 1 for free which is basically a cake in a mug. It is so easy to make and takes under 2 minutes. On top of that it has no clean up other than the mug! It had a great Vanilla Bean flavor and i added some sprinkles to it and two candles to celebrate my daughters birthday. We had a large cake, of course, but it was so much fun to make the cake in the mug as a treat before bed during birthday week. I would recommend this for anyone who likes cake and I can’t wait to try it with berries and yogurt!!


Overall I liked this breast pump for a non electric one.  I was skeptical at first but it was actually pretty easy to use- you just have to get in the pumping rhythm.  I think this pump is best for seasoned breast pumpers who know what they are doing and where milk comes semi easy to them.  If you clog easily or it is hard to get an electric one to work with you this may be more difficult and uncomfortable then it needs to be.  But, if milk flows easily this is a great way to do it on the go and with minimal supplies.  It suctions well to the breast when attached properly and it is easy to get the milk to start pumping out if you have a good flow.  I didn’t realize how easy a manual one would be but this is great and highly suggested.  It also fits most standard milk bags so even though it comes with 2 you can use whatever ones you have around the house or get at the store.  I reviewed this item at a discount in exchange for an honest review.



I recently reviewed some new Loreal Makeup and it made quite the difference!  Check out my lashes!!  I feel like they look fake it did such a great job of priming them prior to putting on the mascara.  They definitely look like falsies.  The only thing I didn’t like was the mascara did flake off after just a few hours of wear.  It got on my cheeks and when I wiped my eyes with my hands it was on there.  That part was disappointing but I am going to see if I can find something to “seal” it better.  I received these samples as a VoxBox.  They were received for free in exchange for an honest review.  IMG_3212

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I had the pleasure of reviewing the Zzzquil nighttime sleep aid pills recently and I love them! They really help you fall asleep and stay asleep all night without forming a habit. Sometimes I just need a little help with my sleeping and this really did the trick. Go to their website to get a coupon and check them out for yourself! I received them at a discount in exchange for an honest review.


Loving my new #ProlificHealth yoga pants. They are a blue ombre and they are sure to get you noticed! I mean the best part of yoga is the fashion, right? 🙂 The pants are soft and breathable. They have a lot of give- I was nervous about the sizing because my lower body is bigger and sometimes I have to go up in size but these fit perfectly and still had give to go. They weren’t loose or baggy anywhere at the same time though so the fit was perfect. One thing I’ve noticed about yoga pants is that the ankle can be tight on me sometimes but these were so comfortable. They have a fold over belly band to help conceal. I do wish they had a bit more support in the belly. I had a baby and it’s just still not where I want it to be. It concealed lumps and cellulite in my butt and made it look great! You could do any pose in these yoga pants because they are so flexible. I received these in exchange for an honest review but I am so happy with them!


I found this awesome blanket for babies that is my new go to shower present. It is that really soft material that babies love and want to touch all the time. The greatest part of this blanket is that it is cinched so it fits around their waste! No more baby kicking off the blanket in the middle of the night and being cold. It is breathable and light and my one year old is able to stand up in her crib in it as well. I like that with the air conditioning on I don’t have to worry about her losing her blanket in the middle of the night and being cold. I have never seen anything other than an actual sleep blanket or swaddle but I prefer this because it doesn’t go around her arms. In the middle of the night if it is too warm in my house I can easily slip it off of her without her waking up. I reviewed this blanket in exchange for an honest review but I am so excited about it and plan on buying them for friends!! Buy one at https://revelae.com/collections/cozy-sleepwear


Loving my new watering hose by #Gardspro that can be found at http://www.gardspro.com . It does a great job watering all types of flowers and plants by changing setting easily and quickly to turn up or down the pressure and spray. Also, it is a 25 foot growing hose so it empties and stores easily when the water is not on- when the water is on it simply fills up and expands to 25 feet! Great for my front of the house garden. Easy to set up and install and even easier to use. Check them out! I reviewed this item at a discount in exchange for an honest review.


This is an awesome wrap print in size 20×16 available on Amazon!  I couldn’t believe how easy it was to upload a file and have them ship it in a few days.  The upload is easy because they tell you the qualifications of the jpeg, tif, or file you are using and if it doesn’t meet their standards it won’t accept it.  Great communication through email or the site as well if you have questions.  The print is studio quality and really stands out.  Wood frame with print on canvas that wraps around.  Comes with a hanger on the back.  Nice and sturdy framing as well.  You can’t beat the price and it came out so much nicer than anything I have seen printed similarly at Target, CVS, Costco etc.  Check them out you won’t be disappointed!I reviewed this item at a discount in exchange for an honest review- but I will definitely buy more in the future!