So I’m going on my IVF journey again- it’s fine because I’ve done it before but even though I’ve been through all of it it still seems to shock me each time.  I really give props to women who work and do this all at once- I have no idea how you manage it.  First of all there are ALL of the doc appointments.  If you have to be to work at 9 am you must schedule in your appointments around 7am to ensure you get to work on time??  I mean, within a month last time I went to the doctor 14 times.  14!!!  Then there’s all the drugs.  This is two weeks worth…IMG_0353

I perfected giving myself injections but I’ll never get used to my husband giving me the others.  He has to because they are in your butt and you can’t get the right angle on your own.  The first time he had to do it I literally RAN from him.  No joke he kind of just followed me around the house until I finally calmed down and gave in.  BUT in hind sight this is what you could get from it… we were lucky enough to have a wonderful outcome…

102_4111So on to the next!!!

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