Weigh my meat

I’ve been attempting to eat healthier after having the baby. When they say it isn’t easy after giving birth they really aren’t lying. I feel that I looked better pregnant than I do now! After giving birth weight started falling off without issue but then it started to pack on again. I feel that overall I eat very well but the illness I have paired with limited activity really packs on the pounds. My newest attempt at living a healthier lifestyle is my #smartweigh scale for the kitchen. It measures the weight of all of the fruits, vegetables, and meats that I eat. Have you seen those dishes that separate appropriate portions? It is similar to that when weighing food except it goes by the weight instead of the size. I’ve enjoyed it so far- it’s pretty addicting! It probably would work better with a specific meal plan in tact so that is the next step!
I received this item at a discount in exchange for an honest reviewIMG_2429

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