Adult Sticker Collection

I have this obsession with collecting stickers.  I used to put them all over items of mine such as my guitar case, my school binders, and even my bedroom window (my mom did not like that).  As an adult you are limited to where you can place these things unless you want to be one of those traveling hippies with bumper stickers all over your car.  We have an amazing bar in our basement and a great garage in the back of our house so I started thinking… why not?  Why not collect cool stickers from local Chicago places and decorate a board with them.  It will be my form of graffiti and “art” to represent things I like and have done.  #Brytastickers helped me do just this and get a kick start on my collections.  I can’t wait to fill the poster and start a new one to add on.  Each sticker represents something or is just generally awesome 🙂 IMG_3898-2

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