Sick and Tired

So what does a person do when they no longer work and literally feel sick and tired?  That is an excellent question and it took me months to figure it out.  My doctor ruled me too sick to work.  This is because every time I eat I “crash” in a sense since my body can’t properly digest food.  This usually means sleeping- almost like a form of narcalepsy.  I will eat lunch and then instantly get sleepy, even more fatigued, and essentially fall asleep hard for about an hour.  This helps my digestion because my body processes the food without me physically feeling the pain of it- I am basically sleeping through the pain.  I, of course, have many other crazy symptoms after I eat which I will spare you the details of but the bottom line is the doctors say it just isn’t safe to work.  Too much time goes in to planning meals, actually eating them, and then safely digesting them in a comfortable atmosphere when I’m done.  If I had to be at work I would not be able to eat at all during the entire work day.

So I am sick and tired.  And bored.  Now what?  My life used to have such purpose and I felt the importance of my position everyday.  Now I was left to a couch and myself.  No people to aggravate me yet keep me entertained, and no socialization that comes with a work atmosphere.  This is a dangerous web especially for someone who relied so heavily on work to be the main focus of her life… this girl.  I have this great big, amazing city and I can’t even muster up enough strength to go to the grocery store.  So it was time to really figure it out.

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